Ideas and Opportunity Analysis

  • Test whether your ideas are the basis of commercial opportunities
  • Quickly find if a fatal flaw exists within the idea
  • Use a powerful screening template
  • Analyse the underlying advantages of your idea
  • Examine more ideas in a far shorter time
  • Save considerable human and financial resources that usually arise with “great ideas”.

Most Australian companies have a hidden wealth of opportunities in products or services which often go unrecognised. At the same time, many of the new idea opportunities that do materialise are doomed to fail!

Test your great business idea with a powerful new course that will quickly determine whether your great idea is simply that, or indeed the basis of a commercial opportunity.

Too often, the pursuit of an idea leads to a significant waste of time, financial resources and energy. Many of us have experienced such activity. This intensive workshop provides participants the framework to effectively screen their ideas.
The screening activity provides two outcomes:

  • The existence of a fatal flaw within the idea, for example, there is no market, someone else is doing it etc.
  • The use of an enterprising mindset will assist with identification of new opportunities through the screening process.
  • Opportunity and feasibility analysis is the step you undertake before business planning occurs.

The advantages include the relatively short amount of time to screen your idea compared with doing a business plan and thus the savings in human and financial resources.

This is an interactive workshop that all participants share their experiences and strategies for success and often sees the formation of new professional and personal networks.

This program has been delivered in four countries with outstanding success.

Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Test whether or not your idea is just an idea, or indeed the basis of a commercial opportunity
  • Learn to screen your idea and find the fatal flaw
  • Examine why many ideas remain ideas
  • Analyse the underlying advantages to your idea
  • Create your advantage with an enterprising mindset.