Can you imagine logging on each morning and finding choices for growth rather than problems to solve?

The challenge for leaders is how to thrive in turbulent times. Senior leaders are often distracted from looking outwards for new opportunities when

  • they not trained to identify growth opportunities
  • competition is intense
  • markets are increasingly turbulent.

Looking outward in complex markets enables your organisation to take advantage of opportunities, develop and strengthen existing products and services, plus empower staff. Engaging staff to look for opportunities in growth, cost reduction or productivity will quickly and permanently strengthen your organisation.

How does the Sustainable Innovation Program work?

The Sustainable Innovation Program brings senior leaders and their teams together in fast-paced workshops to quickly understand and apply the skills and behaviours to be successful. The workshops present demonstrated innovation and creativity techniques to enable your organisation to

  • quickly identify multiple achievable opportunities for cost reduction, growth and productivity gains
  • consolidate strategies to make opportunities happen
  • strengthen your position in a competitive market environment
  • engage your staff and promote their enterprising behaviours.

What is the Sustainable Innovation Program format?

The program consists of a series of three, two-day workshops held over approximately three months. The workshops are flexible and we can customise the content to suit your organisation’s culture, size and market. The three SIP workshops have been designed in a sequential manner to cover

  1. Creativity and innovation – how to identify the difference between a great idea and an opportunity
  2. Communicating value through teamwork – how to package and effectively communicate the value of an opportunity, internally among your team and externally to your customers
  3. Marketplace value strategies – how to move from ‘pushing’ into the marketplace to being ‘pulled’ into the marketplace—literally minimum effort for maximum results.

Each SIP workshop is held over two consecutive days with groups of 5 to 25 people. Participants usually spend two days preparing for each workshop.

During the program Marcus is available to participants. Marcus also offers support for one month after the program by telephone, fax, email or Skype. All materials are supplied in both hard and soft copy.